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Yesterday was #RandomActsOfKindnessDay and it feels especially serendipitous with all the support and kind words we have been receiving these past 3 days with our Collage Needs Some TLC crowdfunding campaign. ⠀

I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the support and filled with so much joy receiving such kind words about Collage and what Collage means to many of those who have donated money, not to mention the joy of reconnecting with people who I have not heard from in ages. THANK YOU everyone for your kindness and your generosity!💗⠀

This wonderful illustration is by one of our teachers, Vicki, from @kindnessmakers project and was inspired by the awesome project @thekindnessrocksproject .

A few years ago during the Collage Summer Camp we ran a Kindness Week. One of the things the campers did was write random notes of kindness to leave at the park or along the street to hopefully bring a smile to strangers’ faces. I have always been in awe of the kindness that naturally emanates from children when they are simply given the opportunity… ⠀

Luckily, even though we were late on random acts of kindness day, it’s also #RandomActsOfKindessWeekso we can all continue to spread kindness! This weekend @kindnessmakers is looking forward to painting kindness rocks with her son to leave around Barcelona. I look forward to start handwriting thank you notes and reaching out to a few special people I feel could also use some extra TLC these days. Pau and I also plan to pick up some trash we noticed has accumulated in the bushes along our road. ⠀

What will you do to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week? ⠀


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