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Saying goodbye to Ela

You know what they say, when you truly love something you must let it go…

💙 After 7 years, Collage is very sad to be saying goodbye to Ela this year…. Ela has been a VIP Collage teacher in our Little Actors program, as well in our Little Faces program and many Summer and Winter Camps. She truly embodies the essence of Collage, and we will miss her so!!

Thank you for you everything Ela. You are a truly an amazing educator and person, and your dedication, presence and spirit will be sorely missed. You have been a role model and inspiration for every teacher who has come through Collage, and for those of us who are still here.

We know it’s your moment and we’re excited to see where your wings will take you next! Big love ❤️ You know where to find us!!!

✨(Thank you for the reminder of this quote @ali.olivier ! You are right, couldn’t be more perfect)


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