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Thanks a million!


Our GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign has officially ended and we’re here to say (and stay!) a big Thank You to our entire community! After reaching our initial goal overnight we raised the amount, then surpassed it and now we are well on a way to surviving this incredibly challenging year! ⠀

Thank you all for your donations, kind words and support. Our final amount raised was over 14k from 86 donors!! The initial crowdfunding goal of 7K will largely go to pay off past debts, and the rest will help us to survive into into the summer and next school year, covering monthly overhead costs that have been accumulating little by little every month as our expenses have surpassed our income with the various closures we’ve experienced. By next September our hope is that life will start to once again feel a bit more “normal” and we can return to working in the schools, use all three of our classrooms to their full potential, and fill our classrooms once again! Your donations have 100% helped us to do this! ⠀

Some of the extra money will also help us to continue improving our web page, Collage Family resources for our current and future families, general marketing efforts and curriculum we have been developing for other schools and educators. These efforts all mostly had to be put on hold as our funds were not sufficient enough to invest in these important team efforts we have been trying to work on. ⠀

So, as spring begins to peek her lovely head, we are also feeling full of energy, strength and sunshine! We are overjoyed to be able to continue all the work that we do and have been doing for the past 15 years. Thank you everyone, we couldn’t have done any of this without YOU… 🥰⠀


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