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Frequently Asked Questions:


Can my child be alone in class?

In our Mini Makers classes the child must be accompanied by an adult. In our Little Makers, Big Makers, Dynamic English and Little Actors classes the child attends alone.

Can I stay at the school while my child is in class?

Yes, we have an outside waiting area where you can stay particularly during the first class of your child if you want to wait for them to settle in. 

How do I register?

Registration is online - here

Can my child try out a class before starting?

Yes! We offer students a free trial class before they officially sign-up

What languages will the teachers speak?

All of our teachers have a native level of English. All our classes are total English immersion.

How many children are there in each class?

We have a ratio of 7/8 children to 1 teacher, with a maximum of 12 children per class 

What is the youngest a child can join?

18 months is the minimum age to join our Mini Makers program. You can see the ages for each program on our timetable or program pages. 

How much are the classes?

  • Mini Makers - €18/session or €64 for 4 sessions.

  • Little and Big Makers, Little Actors, Tween Actors - €67/month

(€670 per year divided into 10 installments - September to June)

  • Dynamic English programs, Teen Actors - €74/month

(€740 per year divided into 10 installments - September to June)

There is an annual registration fee of €60 for families who re-enroll in Collage (after taking classes during the previous school year).

For new families the annual registration is €70.

*This fee is adjustable if a child joins later in the year.

Are there any discounts for siblings?

Yes, it's a 10% discount for the second sibling, or 5% each sibling.

Are there any other discounts available?

As well as a sibling discount we also give a 5% discount to single or large families. Please contact us for more information!


Does the price include materials?

Yes, there are no hidden fees, your child is free to use any of the provided toys and materials in class.


What if my child can’t make it to a class?

If possible, please call or email to let us know beforehand. We have a recoup policy, students that miss a class are able to attend an alternative class of the same program with a different group, ideally that same week. Or one of our Saturday sessions, that take place twice a month, from 11:00 - 13:00.


How can I pay?

We accept all kinds of payment - Direct Debit, bank transfer and card or cash payments here at the school.


What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday from 12:00 til 20:00 and every other Saturday morning when we have Saturday club!


How can I find out about upcoming classes and events?

Join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.


Can my child start attending Collage classes halfway through term?

Yes, providing there is space in the class, they can join throughout the year!


Who can accompany my child in a Mini Makers class?

Any adult guardian you are happy to send your little one with.


My child can’t make it to any of the offered classes, what can I do?

Please message us, we may be able to open another group! Alternatively, we may be able to offer private classes.

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