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At Collage we only hire native speaking, experienced teachers, however this is only the tip of the iceberg of what makes our teachers so amazing!


Collage teachers come from many different walks of life, but what brings us all together is a deep, shared feeling about the importance of hands-on learning; the love of teaching and learning alongside our students. A true belief in the benefits of real connection, of empathy, of taking the time to find what works for each and every one of our students. The energy, time and dedication that goes on behind the scenes speaks volumes to the success of our programs and to the smiles that happen in all of our classrooms! 


Our teachers are the embodiment of “Do what you love” and, alongside teaching, they have rich and varied backgrounds and passions – fine arts, theatre, music, cooking, photography, sewing and much more – and we believe this adds to the richness and community aspect of Collage.

Eleanor Sterk


Eleanor Sterk - Collage teacher

Hi! My name is Ellie and I am very excited to take the next step in my Collage adventure! Over the years it has become such an important part of my life and now I am so happy to take on this great challenge.


I have always had a wonder for the world that has taken me to many places and down many roads. Initially I chose to explore and express this through film and the arts, studying Film in Bristol. The years following my degree I explored many options, and although my interest and involvement in the arts remains to this day, I found nothing as rewarding, interesting and important as allowing children to discover and experience that same wonder and excitement about the things around them.

I have worked in schools in India, on farms and forest schools in the UK, and summer camps across Europe before completing my primary PGCE in Bath. After many years of working in schools, I formed a strong interest in alternative education.


I moved to Barcelona 7 years ago and have worked with children of all ages; teaching, caring for babies, working in a bilingual Montessori school, taking teenagers on adventures in the Alps, and babysitting for many families. I have been at Collage for 6 years, teaching in the Little Faces, Little Actors and Mini Makers programs, as well as working as the Program Coordinator and school Coordinator. I continue to be amazed and inspired by working in education, both the children and myself are constantly learning and exploring, and having a lot of fun at the same time!

About - Ellie
About - Ela

Rafaela Diogenes



Hi! I'm Ela and I'm super excited to embark on this journey with Ellie as Collage directors after working here in different capacities for 7 years. Collage has been a home to me ever since I moved to Barcelona in 2013, but the road that brought me here was winding and long. 


I was born in Brazil and as a teenager I moved to the U.S. This opened my eyes to how big and diverse the world is and it sparked my curiosity for different cultures. I've been a creative soul since I was very young, I started doing theatre in my childhood and never stopped. When I was 19 I started drama in University and began to teach children as a creative English educator, linking ESL teaching, the art world and early childhood education. I later studied film and Arts and Education. 


I came to Barcelona to study physical theatre. I've also studied contemporary dance and movement and storytelling, but I ended up learning much more. That's when I became truly fascinated by creative teaching and alternative education, especially Waldorf and Montessori. Apart from working at Collage as a lead teacher in all programs, Coordinating the theatre program (Little Actors) and managing the school during Emilie's maternity leave, I also worked in a trilingual Montessori school for four years, cared for babies, took teenagers in adventures through different Catalan pueblos, babysat and did storytelling sessions for all ages. 


I deeply believe in creative education as a way to help children explore their imagination and truly learn from within. Collage has always offered children just that, and that's why it has not just been a home to me, but to lots of kids who come here to learn in a fun and artistic way. I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to continue doing this incredible work!

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Emilie Delcourt


Emilie Delcourt - Collage teacher

I’m Emilie, co-founder and Director of Collage. Originally from the US, I arrived to Barcelona in 2002 fresh out of Haverford College, where my studies centered around urban spaces and community development, and specifically about the role of art in education and building communities.


When I met Kate Simer in 2003 I found a kindred spirit. We quickly discovered that what we really wanted was to create a community-focused, hands-on educational space where we could teach English the way we saw really worked: through art, through play, through fun - inspiring our students to be curious and letting that be what propels them into true language learning.


In 2005 we founded Collage. Since then I have worked with hundreds of teachers and educators, moved our innovative English programs into over 20 schools, and, most importantly, had the joy of teaching hundreds of students what I love most: a love of language, self-expression, curiosity and creativity.


One of the things I enjoy most about Collage is watching the growth that happens. Our programs don’t live in a vacuum; learning is never static and I don’t believe methodologies should be either. This means that as the years pass and our teaching community shifts and changes, the world around us shifts and changes, we do as well. Constantly adapting to the needs of our students, letting them lead their own learning process; always trying to be attuned and open to the knowledge and resources that the whole team is bringing into Collage year after year, and learning alongside our students.

Creating Collage, and then witnessing it take on its own life, has been one of my greatest joys. For me, the joy is in being able to be present for that process; create a space for it. 

Along with Collage my other passion is words. I am a writer, translator and editor, and have the great pleasure of co-editing Barcelona’s only English-language literary magazine, @parenthesesmagazine . The writing community that has grown up around Collage has been one of my cornerstones in Barcelona. 

Last, but not least, I am Pau’s mama and Joan’s partner, both of whom I love to get lost with!

About - Anna

Anna Davis

Program coordinator & Lead Teacher

Anna Davis - Collage teacher

Hello! I'm Anna and this will be my seventh year working at Collage. I am the Dynamic English program coordinator which I really, really love doing.


I am from Brighton in the south of England, but have travelled extensively before settling here in Barcelona. Travel and creativity have always been my passions and it is these things that I naturally bring to the classroom. 


I have been teaching English for 10 years, both here in Barcelona and before in Argentina. I teach not only children but adults too; all ages, levels and professions, with the constant goal of making learning enjoyable and specific to each student’s needs.


I have always been involved in the arts, from photography and film, to painting and illustration; my current personal project is @_paint_and_stitch_ , bespoke clothing and bag designs.


Despite the recent strange times we have all had to face, I’m confident that this new year is going to be a great one, looking forward to seeing you all soon! 

Would you like to join us at Collage? 

Are you a native English speaking educator with a passion for teaching Young Learners in a creative, dynamic and respectful way? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Would you like to join us at Collage? 

Are you a native English speaking educator with a passion for teaching Young Learners in a creative, dynamic and respectful way? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Would you like to join us at Collage? 

Are you a native English speaking educator with a passion for teaching Young Learners in a creative, dynamic and respectful way? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Vicki Robertson

Lead Teacher, AFA Coordinator & Designer

Vicki Robertson - Collage teacher

Hi! I'm Vicki and I'm a lead teacher and AFA program coordinator. I'll also be doing graphic design and marketing. This is my seventh year at Collage, with a little break in the middle when my son Max was born. I'm passionate about teaching English through creativity, play, imagination and fun. 


A few years ago I discovered the amazing world of Process Art (art that is about the making and the doing, rather than the finished product) and love including messy invitations to create in our classes. I've been teaching English in Barcelona for 16 years.


Outside of Collage I'm an illustrator and also create sewing patterns to make your own soft toys @andapandapatterns

I'm excited about this new school year, the opportunities in all the changes and the Collage community coming back together.

About - Vicki

Sophie Grove

Lead Teacher

Sophie Grove - Collage teacher

Hello! My name is Sophie and this is my third year working at Collage.


I spent my childhood growing up in a village surrounded by the beautiful countryside in the South of England. I attended Art classes from the age of 6. Art, craft and upcycling are my passions. I started an IG page with some crafts I made during quarantine - @sophie.artsandcrafts


I also have a big heart for people and show this through my various voluntary roles over the years in local charities. I have studied foundation degrees in Art and in Art Therapy and then went on to achieve a degree in Social Sciences.


My teaching experience includes giving English classes to adults with learning difficulties, assisting in Art classes for people with Cerebral Palsy and teaching Creative English classes to kids of all ages. This year I am excited to teach Dynamic English, Little Faces and assist in Little Actors!


I feel it's so important for children to be able to express themselves through creative means. With art there is no right or wrong; it allows freedom; it knows no boundaries.


I moved to sunny Barcelona seven years ago and live with my two adorable adopted cats called Mango and Maki. I look forward to another year at Collage!

About - Sophie

Diana Salcedo

Lead Teacher & AFA Coordinator

Diana Salcedo - Collage teacher

I’m a Mexican American who has lived in Barcelona for 13 years. I’ve taught English to students of all ages and backgrounds for twenty years now. I started giving private English classes to children when I was in high school; later on I obtained my degree in Hospitality Management in Miami, Florida. I worked in tourism for a while, but life drew me back to teaching.


I obtained my Cambridge Celta Certificate at International House Barcelona. I worked at the IEN-North American Institute for 11 years teaching children ages 4-9 year-olds, juniors and teens. I’ve also taught adults basic, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels.


I love to cook and try new recipes. Listening to music, singing and making some beats is something I enjoy doing in my free time. I appreciate art, I take pleasure in creating fun crafts with kids. This is my second year at Collage and I am delighted to be part of this creative, ingenious, originative team.

About - Diana
About - Ali

The Collage team over the years...

Over the past fifteen years Collage has had an incredible, dedicated team of native English-speaking educators. 

Here are just some of the amazing teachers who have brought their dedication, creativity, joy and magic to Collage and our community.

About - Mike

Carlos Adán Cabrera

Creative Writing Workshops

Collage teachers (1).png

My name is Carlos, but my professional moniker is C. Adán Cabrera. I've been teaching creative writing workshops at Collage since 2016. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and have been living in Barcelona since 2011. I earned my BA in English from UCLA and my MFA from the University of San Francisco in 2010. How time flies!

My main interests are anything involving creative writing and literature. My debut collection of short fiction, Books Can Only Take You So Far, is forthcoming in 2021. I'm also hard at work on my second collection of short stories. I am also a freelance translator and translate from Spanish, French and Catalan into English. I also have the habit of reading several books at the same time: normally a book of short stories, a novel and a nonfiction book simultaneously. 

I feel fortunate to work with amazing and talented students. Every creative writing workshop I lead leaves me feeling inspired and rewarded! The writers I work with come from all walks of life and work hard to improve their craft and tell their stories in a way that's well-written and well-crafted. My teaching philosophy when it comes to creative writing has always been the same: write about what you're afraid of and write from the heart. Because yes, your story matters!

About - Carlos

Sarah Stearns

Lead Teacher


Originally from Boston, USA, I’m a theater artist and art teacher with a love for glitter and googly eyes! My undergrad degree is in theatre and contemporary dance. I came to Barcelona 7 years ago and I’ve been working as an actor performing for kids and teens from every corner of Catalunya in English educational theatre.


I’m currently doing a master in Interdisciplinary Arts Education at the University of Barcelona, learning everything from picture book making to museum curation. I love putting arts pedagogy into practice with Collage!


When not teaching or studying, you can find me reading books about physics, hiking, or playing with my cats. I also make my own original theater pieces which you can read more about (and sometimes come see!) at

Victoria Watson

Lead Teacher


Hi, I am both a mix of nationalities and artistic disciplines! Having grown up to Norwegian and English parents I moved a lot as a child; from Mallorca, to the UK, to Norway...I am a total mix of cultures! I have a passion for communication because of this and studied an MA in Acting, and a BA in Literature and Theatre in the UK. I am an interdisciplinary artist with a love for teaching and creative facilitation.


I am a self taught visual artist mostly working with watercolour, acrylics and now animation. I sometimes narrate my art with poems and songs I’ve written. I currently have my art for sale with Art Nou Milleni gallery as well as limited edition prints on my website. I work as a freelance illustrator and in the middle of all of that I also act! I have worked professionally in theatre in the UK and was a part of award winning theatre companies with whom I both wrote and performed. I am a great believer in collaboration and have a passionate curiosity for creative methodologies which I have had the privilege of studying through the years. I’m a real interdisciplinary artist who sees the importance of creativity in learning environments as well as throughout life.


Having taught art in Morroco, led theatre workshops in London, and taught at creative english schools I am so happy to have found a home with the Collage team. When I’m not teaching, or painting, I am learning new practices such as at the moment playing the guitar and studying a massage course. I love to read, write poetry, and be in nature. It’s nice to meet you! Feel free to look at my art:

The Collage team over the years...

Over the past fifteen years Collage has had an incredible, dedicated team of native English-speaking educators. 

Here are just some of the amazing teachers who have brought their dedication, creativity, joy and magic to Collage and our community.

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