Classes for families, babies and toddlers


15 months – P3 with parent or caregiver

Mothers, fathers or caregivers join their child in their first steps in English, participating alongside their little one, in this playful, dynamic hour-long  program. 


Each class is based on a specific theme: including music and musical instruments, exploring the world of nature, animals, shapes, etc, inviting children to freely explore the English language in a natural way. Activities include music, movement, storytelling, nursery rhymes, and art.


Move and groove, get messy and enjoy this time together!


This program is open to both native English speaking and non-English speaking kids and adults.


Mondays: 11-12h & 17-18h

Fridays: 18-19h

Saturdays: 11 - 13h, as part of our Saturday Family program (see below)


0 – 6 year-olds (though the whole family is welcome!)

These sessions are open to all members of the family, though the activities are especially geared towards toddlers to 6 year-olds. Each Saturday revolves around a theme, and we explore this theme through a variety of hands-on activities and art projects.  


Together we’ll move & groove, get messy doing some fun painting and creating, play games, do some serious exploring, and just have a blast all in English!

The sessions are English-immersion and are open to both native and non-native English-speaking families. 


A healthy snack is served during the morning as well.

Space is limited and a monthly email is sent out to the families to remind you of the month’s session, the theme, and so you can reply and reserve your spot!


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Saturdays: 11 – 13h. Sessions are once per month, on the 3rd Saturday of every month