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A chapter closing... and a new one beginning

Today feels a bit bittersweet, but my heart is not heavy. After 16 years running Collage I am here to say (enthusiastically, as you can see!) that I am stepping away from Collage and handing over the keys to these two amazing, intelligent, wise and caring women.

All of you already know Ellie and Ela as they have worked at Collage for years, and now they’ll be running the show!

It’s been quite a run. I feel so full of gratitude and love for Collage and the incredible community that has grown up around it. Thank you all and thank you Ela and Ellie for your desire to keep this little train choo-chooing along… I am SO excited to see Collage grow and blossom with you!

Click here to read a little farewell letter from me.

(OK, it’s not so little, but Collage has occupied a large portion of my heart (and mind, body, soul) over the past 16 years, so I guess I had a bit to say…!)

Find out more about Collage’s new directors, Ellie and Ela here!


Abraçades molt grans,


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