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Animal finger puppets - mini class

Hello everybody! How are you today? Do you feel happy, sad, angry, sleepy or hungry?

Today we are going to make animal finger puppets. Have you ever seen animals dance? Which animals do you think can dance? Which can't? Let's watch this video and find out

Now we need to choose which animals we want to draw. This video might help you if you need ideas of animals to make!

Here you can see one of our teachers making a monkey and a giraffe. You can use this video made by one of our teachers for inspiration.

Or follow the instructions below, but you can make any animal you want your own way!

You will need:

Thick paper/card

Coloured pens/pencils/paint



1 - On the card, draw and decorate your animal.

2 - Add two circles at the bottom big enough for your fingers.

3 - Cut it out. To cut the circles out you can cut a line up from the bottom.

4 - Put them on your fingers and play!

Can they WALK, RUN, JUMP or DANCE?

We are finished! Make more animals so you have one for each hand.

That is it for today! We hope you enjoyed it!


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