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Collage is... Discovering

At Collage we’re constantly planning and creating activities and situations to discover English using all of our 5 senses. Holistic learning for us means respecting our students’ multiple intelligences, and creating the ideal hands-on learning environment to do so. This way we’re not only able to respect the natural rhythms of each student, but it also allows us to play and interact with the language in the most natural, creative and fun way possible. ⠀

15 years of experience has shown us that this is the only way to truly learn and internalise the language. And it’s as fun for us as it is for our students! And while we’re really missing being able to learn and discover together in person, being obliged to move all of our classes online has also taught us new ways to help our students discover and practise English. There are always news ways to discover together!💚


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