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Collage is... Imagination

Rainy days, global pandemic, new restrictions, Collage is closed… Some days just feel like more of an uphill battle than others, don’t they? Since having to close our school in Gràcia on Friday for 15 days, we’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly Collage is. Beyond those yellow shutters, blue sign and paint splattered walls… ⠀

And we’ve come again to the (re?) realization that Collage is a lot of things, a lot of really wonderful things! And Collage is all of these things because of the lovely, dedicated community that has grown up around Collage for the past 15 years, and allowed Collage to grow and become who we are! ⠀

So, to kick off this little series of Collage is… we felt that IMAGINATION was a good place to start. Diving into our imaginations and allowing it to set us free to explore and blossom (and yes, escape at times too!) is such an important part of our learning and growing process. So, these days that sometimes feel a little bit too grey, remember you can always make a fort, paint an imaginary world, share a story, or simply daydream… ⠀

Our imaginations help keep us feeling alive and free!⠀


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