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Collage is... Kindness

After the celebratory news of a Trump defeat this past weekend in the US(!!!), what really stuck with me as I spoke to friends and family near and far, was this relief that perhaps we can finally get back to a world that embraces decency once again… Rhetoric that speaks of bringing people together and not just dividing us. The importance of being truthful and caring and KIND… ⠀

💛And one thing I just adore about Collage is how kind the whole community is to one another, how kindness is something we want to foster and celebrate and recognise. A trait we want to model to our students on a daily basis. (And our students are usually leading the way in this!) ⠀

💜Two years ago in summer camp we had a Kindness Week. The kids wrote random kind notes and left them in the park for strangers to find, and they wrote a song that our lovely, kind student Emma accompanied on her guitar. This image was the students practising their little show about Kindness… It feels appropriate to post this today - Collage is Kindness! May we all learn from our students and children about the power and strength of kindness!⠀


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