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Collage is... Messy

This one felt especially appropriate today as we’re slowly seeing the restrictions extending into December and potentially January.. 😔⠀

We’re all about messy, hands-on fun at Collage!! ⠀

I remember a mom telling me a couple years ago at camp that at home when her son would be starting to really get into something, experimenting and generally making a mess, he would say, mom, I’m doing a “Collage”… 😆⠀

It’s true, we like to go all in and get our hands dirty and our wheels churning! Which is why the walls need a good painting every single year… 😅⠀

This year has been quite different - having to make sure we separate shared materials etc., - but the extra effort is always 100% worth it as we watch our students fully immersing themselves into a project or theme.⠀

We can’t wait to get our hands dirty again!!


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