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Happy birthday Eli!!!

Today is a very special day!! We celebrate Eli's life 🥳🥳 and words are not enough to explain how happy we are to have her in ours ❤❤

Her hard work, dedication, love and respect for children and education are a big part of why COLLAGE is such a great place. She is always there to welcome children, families and teachers with her beautiful smile and caring energy and she always goes the extra mile! She has been making COLLAGE's journey an even brighter and more magical one with her presence and excitement.

Elis are definitely difficult to find in this world and Collage is lucky to have such an incredible human being always giving her best to make sure everyone and everything is a perfect as possible. ❤❤

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today is your day! Enjoy!!!

Happy birthday and lots of love from the whole COLLAGE team!! ❤❤


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