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How long before my child starts speaking a second language?

How long before my child starts speaking a second language?

Although research says that it takes something like 480 to 720 hours to learn a second language, it is difficult to give an exact answer.

We are all different and there are endless factors that condition our learning: time, interest, level of attention and dedication, etc.

So what can we expect from our children?

It is normal for children to feel a little confused at first and in general they go through some phases when learning a second language:

1 - They try to speak their own language.

2 - A period of silence when they understand that the language they are spoken to is not the same as theirs (some initial frustration can be expected.)

3 - Use of single words and expressions that they have memorized (often mixed with their mother tongue) and linguistic experimentation.

4 - More complex oral formations: They begin to build up the language.

And how can we encourage their learning?

They will learn faster and more effectively if they can:

⭐ Have as much contact with the language as possible: Families can support learning at home by interacting with children through movies, songs, stories and games in English.

⭐ Be in a learning environment that makes them feel comfortable, heard, valued and respected.

⭐ Learn in a context that values their interests and pace, through fun, dynamic and motivating activities.

Mastering a new language can take years.

At COLLAGE we prioritize creating a respectful environment, where everyone can feel safe to be the protagonist of their own learning process, in their own time. 💙

This is how we guarantee natural, real and effective learning. 🙌🏽


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