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Life coaching with Ali Olivier

Let's be honest 2020 has been a challenging year and a rollercoaster of emotions! Now more than ever it's time to look after and nurture our mind and bodies. ⠀

One of our team teachers, Ali Olivier is a dedicated life coach and mental health advocate. She has worked in mental health since she was 16 and is dedicated to enabling each individual to have the support and tools to live a life of more meaning, joy and fulfillment.⠀

She combines the most effective scientific methods from her Degree in Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), with holistic and heart-centered tools from Yoga, Meditation and Creative Arts therapy to meet your unique needs. ⠀

Whether you need help managing emotions during this time, or guidance and support as you transition through professional or personal issues, Ali is here to support you. As we want to support our Collage family and community as much as we can, Ali is gifting YOU 50% OFF YOUR FIRST SESSION! ⠀

✨What better way to start the new year - here’s to 2021 being a great one for us all!✨⠀

You can follow Ali and her amazing work here on Instagram @ali.olivier


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