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Meet our team - introducing Sarah

Our amazing Collage team is growing and we're so happy to be joined by new teachers this school year! We'd love to introduce them to you! First up is Sarah 💫

Hi, I'm Sarah Stearns

Originally from Boston, USA, I’m a theater artist and art teacher with a love for glitter and googly eyes! My undergrad degree is in theatre and contemporary dance. I came to Barcelona 7 years ago and I’ve been working as an actor performing for kids and teens from every corner of Catalunya in English educational theatre.

I’m currently doing a master in Interdisciplinary Arts Education at the University of Barcelona, learning everything from picture book making to museum curation. I love putting arts pedagogy into practice with Collage!

When not teaching or studying, you can find me reading books about physics, hiking, or playing with my cats. I also make my own original theater pieces which you can read more about (and sometimes come see!) at


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