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Meet our team - introducing Victoria

Our amazing Collage team is growing and we're so happy to be joined by new teachers this school year! We'd love to introduce them to you! Next up is Victoria

💫Hi, I am both a mix of nationalities and artistic disciplines! Having grown up to Norwegian and English parents I moved a lot as a child; from Mallorca, to the UK, to Norway...I am a total mix of cultures! I have a passion for communication because of this and studied an MA in Acting, and a BA in Literature and Theatre in the UK. I am an interdisciplinary artist with a love for teaching and creative facilitation.

I am a self taught visual artist mostly working with watercolour, acrylics and now animation. I sometimes narrate my art with poems and songs I’ve written. I currently have my art for sale with Art Nou Milleni gallery as well as limited edition prints on my website. I work as a freelance illustrator and in the middle of all of that I also act! I have worked professionally in theatre in the UK and was a part of award winning theatre companies with whom I both wrote and performed. I am a great believer in collaboration and have a passionate curiosity for creative methodologies which I have had the privilege of studying through the years. I’m a real interdisciplinary artist who sees the importance of creativity in learning environments as well as throughout life.

Having taught art in Morroco, led theatre workshops in London, and taught at creative english schools I am so happy to have found a home with the Collage team. When I’m not teaching, or painting, I am learning new practices such as at the moment playing the guitar and studying a massage course. I love to read, write poetry, and be in nature. It’s nice to meet you!

Feel free to look at my art:


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