Online Reading this Sunday 6th December


Please join us on zoom for a lovely evening with some great writers this Sunday, December 6th, at 7pm CET.

The readers are the most recent participants of @cadancabrera recent writing workshops:

đź–‹Charisse Tubianosa

đź–‹Jenny Kliever

đź–‹Judas Thropp

đź–‹Olivia Haber-Greenwood

đź–‹Paraskevi Papagianni

đź–‹Adiva Koenigsberg

đź–‹Ben Palmer

đź–‹Siobhan Tebbs

And while we know online is not the same as being able to gather in person, the silver lining is that you can join from wherever you may be on the globe!

➡Sunday, December 6th

7pm CET

10am PS

1pm EST

Event password: collage

ZOOM LINK IN our Instagram BIO!

đź’™Hope to see you there!