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Salad spinner art

Salad spinners are a super fun way to create process art! The moment children open the lid, after adding paint and spinning, is magical! You can hear the gasps at the end of this video 😍

We explored colour mixing and made guesses about what new colours would be made when the primary colours mixed.

Want to make your own spinner art at home?

All you need is:

- A salad spinner that you don't mind getting dirty

- Various pieces of card cut in a circle or another shape like a heart. Check they fit in the bottom of your salad spinner before starting to add paint.

- Poster paint in squeezy bottles

- Some selltape or blu-tack to help stick the card to the bottom of the spinner

Then it's time to get creative

1) Stick the card to the bottom of the spinner.

2) Drip paint over the card. Try different colour combinations

3) Put on the lid and spin!!!



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