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Why teach through play

We already know that playing is a lot of fun, but what are the benefits of playing for learning?

👉It allows us to accept and learn from our mistakes

👉It reinforces what has been learned theoretically and puts it into practice👉 It allows students to build their own knowledge through experimentation, exploration, inquiry and investigation

How do we play?

💫Symbolic Play - Use socialization and communication to practice vocabulary naturally

💫Movement games - Used regularly in our classes to activate the body and mind

💫Structured games (board games etce)- Useful for more advanced learners to practice grammatical structures and phrases

💫Construction game - provides the opportunity to talk about ideas, problems and processes and enter into conversations with many basic questions and phrases

The Collage way!

Both in the space and in our classes, we give the opportunity for all forms of play. We include free play time so that chidlren can develop language naturally and at their own pace, and we also organize specific games focused on vocabulary and grammar.

This is how we have fun and learn at the same time! 😊


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