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Happy Valentine ́s Day

This Sunday is Valentine's Day! And we thought this year especially everyone could do with a little extra love, so we have put together some of our favourite Valentine's crafts that you can do at home with your family whatever your age!

First, here's a great way to spread love this Valentine's Day.. or any day! Set up a board of love for people to leave little secret notes, or even a kindness tree like this one here.


All of these crafts can be given to anyone you want to share your love with.. Family, friend,neighbour... everyone needs a bit of love sometimes!

Ages 3 to 6 - Toilet roll heart printing. All you need is a toilet roll, some paint and a piece of paper! Simply bend the roll into a heartshape and seen in the photo, lay out some paints and start printing! Sometimes the simplest is best!

Ages 7 to 9 - Woollen heart.

There are a couple of variations of this craft. But for both you will just need some cardboard,wool and scissors. First cut the shape of a heart in the cardboard. If you ́d like to try the slightly more difficult version cut another smaller heart in the middle and follow the instructions here.

Or if you want to keep things simple, and make a full heart try here

Ages 10 plus - For the love of reading!

These origami hearts can be a gift for someone to use as bookmarks. There are two ways to make them that you can follow here.


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