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Make a witches' hat with Ellie


Our Magic Potion recipe from yesterday was missing one key ingredient… a WITCH’S HAT!

Follow Ellie in making your own Witch’s Hat!

All you need is:

Two pieces of black card

A pair of scissors

Sticky tape



A pencil



1. Find something round, trace a circle on both pieces of card and cut out.

2. In one circle find the centre and cut a slit from the edge to the middle.

3. Roll the card into a cone shape and stick with sticky tape.

4. Use the cone to trace another circle in the middle of the other piece of card

5. Poke a hole in the middle and cut lots of little flaps.

6. Stick the flaps to the inside on the cone.

7. Glue the ribbon around the rim of the hat and add details as you wish.

8. Tie on some string to fasten on your head and you're done!!


And if you feel like dancing around with your new hat, here’s a Halloween Freeze Dance song with Halloween actions! (Listen for the Boo! so you know when to Freeze!)


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